Love daydreams

Hearts collide,

Two hands embrace,

Dreams cling at the end of the day.

And nightmares rent rooms to mess in the cubicles of my head.

I can hardly hear myself scream in pain.

Love is supposed to be patient, they say.

Love is supposed be worthy, they say.

Love is supposed to be you and me.

Isn’t happy, what we be?


Photographs remain

Rest, lost in the grey

Isn’t happy, what we be?

Forever and always was too greedy, I see.

Fantasies have messed with my head, already.

I cannot watch others falling in love over their favourite coffees.

You carved me another sky

Taught me something?

No, I deny.


Cold stones, your name and flowers,

Buried and dead

But not in my head

Wide you still smile

Like the morning I called you the love of my life

Not forever your existence be

In my heart, though, you forever dream.

Rings of marriage

Rest in peace.

I will, promise, drown myself in the calm sea;

So I can live with you happily, in my daydream.