Change of heart.


I am not sure when I started this account. Maybe I was nine. I am not sure when and how I fell in love with buying clothes (but never wearing them). However, I do remember vividly, opening this blog with a hope to share my writing. Fashion blogging was never my motive. If you asked me to describe myself in one word, I am pretty sure fashionable would not be that word. I am rather, quite the opposite of fashionable. My wardrobe consists of hundreds of shades of black t-shirts, loose jeans, and denim jackets.

But I remember being introduced to the concept of making clothing sets by my friend and just how excited I felt about it. I remember how I spent hours making them, showing every  one how beautiful these clothes would look on people. I remember how  butterflies fluttered in my stomach like thousands of meteors falling, when I got my first follower, then the second and within a year, reached to about two hundred.

Then, I fell out of this love. Things changed, I grew older.

Now I am fifteen (almost sixteen), and I hope someday, when time allows, I will recreate this blog, watch it grow bigger.

I hope someday, I will find the love for this blog again.